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STEPHAN'S QUINTET--Readers have asked what is the image in the upper left of the web page of The Adventures of the Real Mr. Science.  The answer is: "It is Stephan's Quintet."  Learn more about it in this story. 

HIGH SPEED TRAINS ON THE BAY BRIDGE--YES! IN THE 1930s--California is embarked on a major effort to build and improve rail transit in the state, including the start of construction of America's first true high speed rail line.  In doing so, we are building on a sound foundation.  California has been a railroad state since soon after the Gold Rush.  This story highlights the commuter rail system built in the San Francisco Bay Area before WWII, including fast commuter trains on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. 

THE MAKING OF CALIFORNIA—PLATE TECTONICS VS. MOTHER NATURE’S WEATHER AND EROSION, PART 1:  PANOCHE ROAD AND PART 2: THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT AND CARRIZO PLAIN--The Earth is more or less 4 billion years old, but almost all of California is only about 10% as old as the Earth.  It formed as the result of the collision of two of Earth’s tectonic plates—the North American and Pacific Plates.  This complex process resulted in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Basin and Range Country, the Great Central Valley, the Coast Range Mountains, the Cascades and coastal plains like that occupied by Los Angeles.  Only the south eastern end of California—the Mojave and nearby areas predate the infinitely slow but inexorable geologic processes released by the plate collision.  In this multi-part, multimedia story, the Making of California, The Real Mr. Science will take you on a tour of the whole shebang.  The tour is divided into several parts, illustrating the various effects of the tectonic plate collisions and erosion from water, wind and time. The first story is about the Coast Range Mountains. The second is about the prime mover in all this--the San Andreas Fault.

VOLCANOES!--Volcanoes only occur in some places.  Nebraska does not seem to have any, but Hawaii has many.  Why is that?  Why do some volcanoes violently explode like Mount St. Helens did, and others just fuss and fume?  Why are some very tall like Mt. Shasta and others just a good sized hill?  This story explains it all.  

DELTAS!--What is a river delta and how does it happen?  What is an inverted delta? Why is it "inverted?"  We seem to pay scant attention to deltas even though they play a vital role in our ecosystem.  In this story we will explore how deltas are formed and their key environmental functions.  We will also explore the Sacramento River-San Joaquin River Delta, the unique inverted river delta near the middle of California, just east of San Francisco Bay.

UTAH--Introductory page on the geology of the West's Basin and Range country.  This story is being written, and, in the meantime, has a link to over 30 video clips taken by The Real Mr. Science in Utah of Utah's incredible geological formations.

MARY ANNING--Mary Anning was recently named the third most influential woman scientist by the British Royal Academy, but most of us have never even heard of this most remarkable woman who was the finest paleontologist of her time. This is her story.

EASTERN SIERRA NEVADA--The territory near the Sierra Nevada Mountains of eastern California have the highest peaks, the deepest valleys, the biggest volcanoes, the oldest living things on Earth and some of the most interesting and spectacular scenery there is. Take an armchair tour of the area complete with videos.

CALIFORNIA QUIZ AND ANSWERS--So you think you know California. Prove it!  Take the QUIZ and don't peek at the answers until you finish.

SHIPPED TO FREEDOM--is the true story of Henry "Box" Brown, a Virginia slave before the Civil War, who contrived to have himself packaged up and shipped to Philadelphia and FREEDOM!

SUTTER'S MISFORTUNE--Captain John Sutter, an early California settler, was almost the world's richest man and would have been except for a mistake by then Lt. William Tecumseh Sherman.  Instead he died a pauper.  Details here.

LIGHTNING EXPRESS--Just a few years after the spike connecting the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific RRs at Promontory, Utah was driven, a passenger train made the journey from New York to San Francisco in just about three days. Today the train trip is almost as long.  How did this Lightening Express come to be?

QUEEN CALAFIA--Yes.  California IS named after a black, lesbian, warrior queen, rich as King Midas and as pretty as Helen of Troy. Sadly she is fictional, but the name stuck and it's California today because of her.

IN RE NEAGLE--"California Judge tries to kill police officer and then murders US Senator. Mistress murders US Senator for his money. Police officer kills California Judge when he tries to murder US Supreme Court Judge!"  Every word true. Hard to believe, but true.

EMPEROR NORTON I--At one time the United States had an Emperor.  He was a benign and peaceful ruler who was loved by his subjects and respected for his inherent wisdom. 10,000 attended his funeral and there was almost a solar eclipse on that sad day.  By the way, he was also Protector of Mexico. 

TUNNELS OF SAN FRANCISCO--San Francisco is a tunnel building town.  With more hills than Rome and 800,000 people to move around, San Francisco and its neighbors have built a lot of tunnels.  Details and pics here.

JAMES HUTTON--Called by some the father of modern geology, this physician turned geologist proved that the features of the Earth--mountains, valleys, river canyons, and all the rest were the result of geological forces that worked over "deep time," that is millions of years.  Hutton paved the way for Darwin, Lyell and many others, but few know of him.  Now you do.

OCKHAM'S RAZOR--One of the most powerful scientific analytic tools was formulated by an Irish monk.  You use it every day without thinking about it.  Learn its history here.

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